[Round Ice Tray]: It is easier to release round ice cubes from the mini-ice ball trays since they are made from hard plastic. When you take the mold out of the freezer, open the lid and twist the tray slightly to release the ice.
[Stylish & Easy To Use]: Food-grade hard plastic ice cube trays have a unique design that makes it easier to release sphere ice cubes than conventional silicone ice cube trays. To release the ice balls from the ice trays, open the top of the trays and twist the bottom of the trays.
[Multiple Uses]: It can be used in whiskey, cocktails, coffee, infusing fruit, or herbs. If you want that perfect Mojito or that delicious lemonade, try infusing mint or strawberries.
[BPA Free]: Food-grade PP is used in the manufacture of our ice cube molds. It is BPA-free, odorless, and non-toxic. A stronger, safer, and more durable product.