EASY TO USE – This lemon/lime juicer makes a great tabletop gadget to keep your hands clean and food tasting delicious.
DURABLE – Comes with a sturdy base to keep it standing upright, this juicer is made of a thick acrylic material to keep your juicer lasting after use in the dishwasher.
GREAT FOR GATHERINGS – This lemon/lime juicer makes a great table gadget for gatherings to keep people’s hands clean.
CONVENIENT – With an elegant bird-like design, this juicer and lemon/lime squeezer is overall a much more convenient and clean way to flavor your food or favorite beverage.
ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Built as a bird-like design, this transparent lemon/lime juicer makes it easy to see where the juice is coming from and how much there is left to use.