• Largest measuring cup with 1200ml, can use as mixing cup, handle tube can hold the rest baking utensils.
  • Colander for washing baking fruits
  • Large funnel can clip to stand stable.
  • 4 pcs measuring cups can hang on the edge of bowl or cup, include 250ml,125ml,80ml,60ml.
  • Egg spearator for egg yolk when baking.
  • The handle of 5 pcs measuring spoons can nestly stack to storage at the bottom of large cup.Meauring spoons include 1.25/1.5/2.5/5.0/7.4/15ml.
  • Leveler with sawtooth can use to cut and spread the butter.
  • Non stick base can also be a lid to cover the larege cup for seal storage.

Dishwasher Safe

BPA Free


Material: PS & PP

Size: 22.5*12.3*12.9cm

Package: window box

Recommend Points:

*buy 1 to solve all baking issue

*upgrade from BSR of e-commerce

*unique to test market