【4 in 1 Salt and Pepper Shaker】: Compartment seasoning shakers adopts 4-in-1 clamshell design can hold 4 different seasonings at the same time, which is enough to meet your various taste needs. 4 in 1 travel spice container won’t cross the flavor and save storage space.
【Creative Design】: Transparent salt and pepper shakers with flip is sealed and moisture-proof, keeping the seasoning dry and fresh. Each compartment of the travel spice holder corresponds to a lid. Mesh porous design of 4 in 1 seasoning jar can help you control the amount of spice coming out each time.
【Easy to Use】: Transparent travel seasoning cans allow you to know what seasoning is in each compartment and remaining amount, is convenient for you to add in time. And also can use the label we provide to stick 4 in 1 spice shaker jars and find the spices you need easily and quickly.
【Used for】:4 in 1 plastic salt and pepper shaker can store salt, pepper, sugar, cumin etc at the same time. Whether you are cooking in home, or BBQ in the wild, picnic, travel and other outdoor activities, 4 grids flip empty spice dispenser can be used as a very convenient travel seasoning shaker. portable size is suitable for travel spice containers camping. Transparent spice shaker jars is a good helper of kitchen, can be used for brunch, steak, salad, BBQ and more.