2-in-1 oil dispenser bottle. (1)Fuel injection:Squeeze the silicone brush head quickly, a column of oil will be sprayed from the middle of the brush. (2)Pour oil: The bottle has a stainless steel oil outlet, which can easily pour out a sufficient amount of oil without hanging oil.
Widely used-very portable, suitable for picnic, barbecue, BBQ, etc.It can be used for cooking, ,baking, frying, outdoor picnics etc for salad making, cooking, baking, roasting, grilling, frying, BBQ and so on. Works great on a variety of foods, including meats, pastries, veges, Marinade with oil, honey, sauces and so on.
Controllable Oil Output: With just a pinch, the oil can be injected quickly, T-shape brushes allows you to control the quantitative oil output. Moreover, the design of the oil return hole also avoids waste and overflow, keeping your table clean.
Easy to Use & Clean:Fill oil from the wide mouth of the glass oil bottle, then squeeze the silicone head and oil will come up from the straw to the transparent space. Release it slowly in the pot and basting it evenly on the food; Or squeeze the brush head quickly to spray the oil column into the bowl or pot; you can also tilt and pour the oil onto the food. And all gadgets of this oiler are detachable, cleaning with detergent and tap water, dishwasher safe.
Applicable Scenario- This bottle can be used as an olive oil dispenser, vinegar and oil measuring bottle, sauce container, cooking wine thing, vegetable oil dispenser at kitchen.