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As one public company in the kitchenware field, Yangjiang HOMESMART Industrial Co.. Ltd is a mature manufacturer focused on the design and production of kitchen tools and gadgets

LocationYangiiang, Guangdong, China
Factory Size10000 Square Meters
Number of Workers80
Production LinePlastic Injection, Silicone Production, StainlessSteel Gadgets Line
Capacity Per Month/Pcs1000000
Leadtime60 – 90 days
LicensesSEDEX, BSCI, GSV, SEB Group Audit
TestingFDA, LFGB, Rohs etc.
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Factory Audit

We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety. Our factory undergoes regular audits by accredited third-party organizations to ensure compliance with international standards. These audits cover every aspect of our production process, from raw material sourcing to final product inspection, guaranteeing reliable and superior kitchenware for our clients.

Productive Process

Our productive process is designed for efficiency and excellence. From initial design and material selection to manufacturing and quality control, each step is meticulously managed to ensure premium kitchenware. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and skilled craftsmanship, we deliver products that meet rigorous international standards, providing exceptional value to our clients.

PO Confirm & Signed Sample

Pre-production Meeting & Instruction Manual

PP Sample + QA Sample

Raw Material - IQC

Production - IPQC

Rework & Reinspection

Final Quality Control

Final Production Packing

Outgoing Quality Control

Production Control

We implement stringent production control measures to ensure the highest quality standards. Our process includes continuous monitoring, routine inspections, and comprehensive testing at each production stage. By leveraging advanced technology and adhering to international best practices, we guarantee consistency, reliability, and superior performance in every product we manufacture.

*ldentify the material warehouser *The incomeinspection *Personnel training
*Production instruction & signed samples *IPQC training * Maintain the facility, machine, equipment, tool, fixture
*Package instruction & signed sample *Operator training *Package environment control
*FQC inspection requirement *ldentify conforming & non-conforming *Rpa inspection
*Final goods warehouse OQC inspetion *Verification personnel

Production Files

We maintain detailed production files for every batch of products. These files document each step of the manufacturing process, including material specifications, production schedules, quality control records, and inspection results. This meticulous record-keeping ensures traceability, accountability, and consistent quality across all our product lines.

Oduction Files

We maintain comprehensive oduction files for all our products. These files encompass detailed documentation of each production stage, including material specifications, manufacturing schedules, quality control protocols, and final inspection reports. This rigorous documentation process ensures traceability, accountability, and consistent high quality for every item we produce.

Our Team

We believe a strong team spirit is the foundation of our success. Our company regularly organizes team-building activities, holiday celebrations, and cultural events to foster a positive and collaborative work environment. These activities strengthen our bonds, boost morale, and ensure that every team member feels valued and appreciated, ultimately enhancing our productivity and innovation.



Our Factory Specializes In A Comprehensive Range Of Kitchenware Products, Including But Not Limited To Premium Cooking Tools,Cutting Boards, Food Storage Containers, Baking Essentials, A Varietyd Of Knives And Scissors, And BBQ Accessories. We Cater To The Entire Spectrum From Domestic Kitchens To Commercial Culinary Establishments.

Yes, We Offer Extensive OEM And ODM Services To Our Clients. We Can Customize Design, Materials, Dimensions, And Functionality To Ensure That The Final Product Aligns Perfectly With Your Specifications.

Our MOQ Varies Depending On The Type Of Product. Standard Products May Have A Lower MOQ, While Custom Items May Require A Higher Quantity. For Specific Details, Please Reach Out To Our Sales Team.

Sample Provision Typically Takes 1-2 Weeks After Design Confirmation.We Can Also Accommodate Expedited Services For UrgentRequirements.

Our Standard Production Lead Time Is Approximately 4-6 Weeks,Depending On The Order Volume And Product Complexity. We ProvideA Specific Delivery Time Estimate Upon Order Confirmation.

We Have A Stringent Quality Management System In Place, With Dedicated Quality Control Teams Overseeing Every Stage From Raw Material Procurement To In-Process Production. Our Products Undergo Multiple Inspections Before Leaving The Factory To Meet International Quality Standards.

We Boast A Professional R&D Team Well-Versed In Market Trends And New Technologies. We Continuously Invest In R&D To Ensure Our Product Designs Are Innovative And Competitive.

We Are Committed To Sustainable Practices, Utilizing Eco-Friendly Materials And Energy-Saving Production Technologies. Our Processes Are Designed To Minimize Waste And Energy Consumption While Maintaining Product Quality.