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As one public company in the kitchenware field, Yangjiang HOMESMART Industrial Co,. Ltd is a mature manufacturer focused on the design and production of kitchen tools and gadgets

YANGJIANG HOMESMART INDUSTRIAL CO,. LTD is a R&D kitchenware manufacturer,focus on kitchen tools gadgets design and production.Being a key vendor of TOP 50 retailers and with BSCI,GSV factory audited, Homesmart have lots experience dealing with marketing research and developing new cooking products.From 3D design drawing, to engineering 3D sample before self tooling mould workshop,Homesmart have a SOP of whole production.Professional QA & QC team control every step of production to build good quality system. Homesmart is an integrated industrial and trading supplier, welcome you to learn more about us!
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Our cornerstone, the End-to-end Management, is upheld through our robust HOMESMART system featuring an extensive catalog of over 3000 kitchenware items. We provide a comprehensive suite of services, from meticulous sourcing and production to rigorous quality inspection, streamlined shipping, and tailor-made marketing programs. This ensures a seamless journey for our clients, from concept to consumer. Whether you seek premium kitchenware items, product development support, or effective marketing strategies, our end-to-end approach is tailored to meet your needs

At our B2B service, we take pride in our ability to accommodate a wide spectrum of clients, ranging from retailers to individual buyers, all of whom benefit from our expertise in crafting customized solutions. As both a manufacturer and supplier, our Creative Team serves as the driving force behind our mission, consistently generating ten new products each month. This dynamic process begins with in-depth marketing research, where we keenly analyze market trends and consumer needs. From there, our talented team seamlessly transitions to 3D design, ensuring that each product is not only cutting-edge but also visually stunning. The final step in our innovation journey takes us to tooling mould, where precision and craftsmanship come together to bring these ideas to life. We are dedicated to ensuring that each and every client receives not only the finest quality products but also comprehensive, personalized support throughout their journey with us. Whether you’re a retailer seeking to stock your shelves with the latest culinary innovations or an individual buyer in pursuit of kitchenware that aligns with your unique preferences, we’re here to exceed your expectations.

Top quality kitchenware production services

Kitchenware Supplier of Groupe SEB
Vendor of TOP 50 Retailers
Help Online Stores Increase 50% Turnover in 3 Months
Research and Develop 10 NEW kitchen products per month
Assist with #BSCI and #GSV factory audited
Familiar with food contact tools testing
Regularly share industry information and marketing suggestion
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